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07-Mar-2019 Published On

Plan scheme on End-to-End computerization-Extension of the scheme by one year up to 31-03-2020  

01-Mar-2019 Published On

Sharing of information through online MIS formats  

14-Feb-2019 Published On

Utilizing the funds under the Scheme the year 2019-20  

13-Feb-2019 Published On

National level de duplication of all NFSA ration cards beneficiaries under the IM PDS scheme- reg.  

11-Feb-2019 Published On

Generation of monthly certificate of foodgrains distribution through Annavitran portal.  

06-Feb-2019 Published On

States UTs Handover of management of Online Allocation Supply Chain modules of CAS Applications  

21-Jan-2019 Published On

Disparity between NFSA coverage and total number of beneficiaries on NFSA dashboard.  

11-Jan-2019 Published On

Completion of records of foodgrains distribution on Annavitran portal  

11-Jan-2019 Published On

The Guidelines for Aadhaar Validation  

02-Jan-2019 Published On

National level de-duplication of all NFSA ration cards beneficiaries under the IM PDS  

05-Nov-2018 Published On

Implementation of new additional webservices 4 capturing of FPSautomation details Annavitran Portal  

02-Nov-2018 Published On

Data Analytics on PDS data in all States UTs  

30-Oct-2018 Published On

Implementation of key components of scheme on End to end Computerization of TPDS Scheme  

30-Oct-2018 Published On

Minutes of Two days National Conference of State Food Secretaries on 8-9th Oct 2018 GOA .  

26-Sep-2018 Published On

Advisory for e-PoS operations and security of data  

13-Aug-2018 Published On

Promotion of cashless digital transactions In Public Distribution System -reg.  

01-Aug-2018 Published On

Availing services of National Data Center (NDC) for hosting PDS applications - reg.  

01-Aug-2018 Published On

Training of District Food Supply Officers- Relieving of Officers for Training 9 and 10 august 2018  

02-Jul-2018 Published On

Amendment (Extension till 30 September 2018) - Notification under Section 7 of Aadhaar Act  

08-Feb-2018 Published On

Targeted Public Distribution System (NFSA) Control Order, 2015  

10-Jul-2017 Published On

Notification under Section 7 of Aadhaar Act  

21-Aug-2015 Published On

Cash Transfer of Food Subsidy Rules, 2015  

16-Aug-2018 Published On

Designating NIC Headquarter as global AUA for implementation of IM PDS scheme.  

National Workshop on Concurrent Evaluation
01-Aug-2018 Published On

National Workshop on Concurrent Evaluation

28-Mar-2018 Published On

IM-PDS approved for implementation during 2018-19 and 2019-20  

17-Nov-2017 Published On

Press release on distribution of subsidized foodgrains under TPDS  

10-Jul-2017 Published On

Press release note for notification under Aadhaar Act  

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